I Sweat ALL Over

My It Works Body Wrap Adventure

My It Works Body Wrap Adventure

Recently I have had success in feeling more like ME.  I was looking at myself in the full length mirror in my undies last night thinking…huh.  I’ve come a long way in the past month but I have more to go.  I am definitely more confident in my body as it is now than what it was three weeks ago.  But now I want to take it to the next level. SO, this morning in the gym I RAN.

I have been pretty good about getting to the gym at least 4-5 times per week and walking at at least 3 mph with an incline of 3.  I would occasionally jog.  I would focus mostly on time and calories burned.  I would make a daily goal depending on how I was feeling that day.  And I got a workout.  And I saw results as you can see in the picture above.

But now, I am trying to head to the next level.  Which means I need to take my work outs to the next level.  I told myself that I was going to run for 5 minutes and walk for 2 minutes.  Well, 5 minutes came and went so I decided to just keep pushing until 10 minutes.  I jogged starting at 4.2 mph.  I just kept increasing the mph for that 10 minutes until I was at 5.2 mph.  Then I walked at 3 mph for two minutes. I checked my heart rate and I was in the 130 range.  WAHOO! Since I realized I could run for 10 minutes in a row I decided to try it again.  I ran for 12 minutes this time incrementally getting faster.  I walked for 3 minutes and then polished off the endeavor with another 10 minute run with more walking at the end.  About 375 burned calories later, I felt AWESOME and TIRED and SWEATY. I don’t usually sweat too much which may reveal my normal desires to stay dry and not sweat too much.  :D

As I was deciding whether to lift weights, I noticed that I was sweating through my gray shirt quite noticeably.  I decided to peace out.  Fact of the day is that NINA can SWEAT! Everybody wants to see the progress from my jiggly after four babies belly to my current state so I will post some photos to inspire others!  Getting fit is hard work and a sweaty business!

I used the It Works body wrap applicators to jump start my fitness program and give me the confidence boost that I needed to start seeing more dang results NOW!  :D Everybody wants insta results on EVERYTHING these days.  The truth is that these products WORK.  Check out my website at Http://theplanetnina.myitworks.com if you are interested in purchasing some products or shoot me an email at theplanetnina@gmail.com if you have questions.  Thanks for following along on my journey!  I wish you the best in yours!

All About ME

Beach Day 6.8.2014

Beach Day 6.8.2014

I have spent the last 10 years having babies, nuturing babies, working at a job to feed my babies, and lovin my babies.  And I have LOVED it.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’ve loved every minute of it because there have been challenges, grumpy times, tears, and disappointments.  What I realized after 10 years of nurturing others is that I needed more of ME!  So I’ve given myself my own planet aka The Planet Nina.  I want to discover more about me and share my experiences with others.  Maybe something I say will inspire others on their journeys.  Maybe it’s all just for ME.  Either way, I am excited to start The Planet Nina.

My four wonderful children have kept me busy these past 10 years.  I have also worked full time for the past four years.  I didn’t anticipate being a working mom but it happened and that’s that.  After working 40+ hours each week and coming home to my family, I didn’t take much time to carve out for my own personal well being.  If I had to do it over, I would try to focus more on my health – physical, mental, and emotional – which seem to be all intertwined.  I found my body and self image to not be where I wanted it to be.  Food was my comfort in the late evening hours and also turned into extra comfortable padding on my back side!

I had heard about a program called It Works before.  I had even tried one of the wraps which seemed to work until I polished off a couple more brownies and bags of chips.  I saw an improvement in my waist line but it was not long until I had successfully grown back into my regular shape.  A couple years later, I started to see my friend Sophie start posting about her successes on Facebook with It Works.  I saw her photos and they looked great.  More influential, however, were the conversations that I had with her on her confidence level that had increased since first using the wraps.  I wanted that confidence.

So, I told her I wanted to try a wrap.  She told me we needed to take before photos.  Um…okay.  I saw the importance that these photos would have as I ventured on in my journey so I gave in.  I sheepishly raised my shirt and we took two photos of the front and side of my tummy.  All four kids were hanging on there in the form of stretchy fat cells giving me a nice jelly belly I felt like I had earned the right to carry around.  I did get concerned this month though two different folks asked me if I was expecting.  I was like no…just showing off the remnants of the four beautiful babies I already have…

She forwarded me the photos later.  I was really private about who was going to allow to see them.  Now that I have had a bit of success, I am ready to share my photos on here for other folks to see.  As I post more photos of my progress in the weeks to come, I want people to know that the wraps were a great catalyst to a healthier lifestyle, body, body image, and self confidence.  What also has supported the success I have had is the fact that I have worked out regularly and eaten a healthy diet.  My husband has been a great supporter in helping me eat yummy salads with chicken for lunch and healthy dinners.  I have also enjoyed treats, cookies, carbs, etc.  I read a diet plan recently that was simply “Exercise more. Eat less.” which I took to heart.  There are SO MANY diet plans out there.  I needed something easy.  The It Works wraps were a great way to kick start my progress.  I have currently done three wraps and will outline my progress here so that you can see the differences that have come in the past month.

Today I have shared a photo of me on the beach and with more skin showing than I have felt comfortable with in years.  I am pretty proud that I am standing there on that beach with my kids.  I was getting to a point where I wouldn’t want to take full photos of my body as there was just getting to be too much of it!  The past month has been a fun transformation as I have begun to embrace ME for the BEAUTIFUL woman I AM!

In this world we live in, we need to take time to love ourselves in the skin we are in.  If we don’t like the skin we are in then it’s time to make some goals and make the necessary changes!  I hope that my story will help others but for now it’s all about ME and gaining confidence in my talented, gorgeous, amazing self.